DollFan was started for those who have an enthusiasm for doll collecting and the many great people who initially were just trying to find a home on the net. The initial concept of DollFan was to simply allow doll enthusiasts a common location to communicate and discuss their passion where at the time not many other avenues existed. It was not too uncommon at the time of DollFan’s inception for many forums or modes of communication on the internet to be commercially controlled where topics that were not in the interest of the board owners were not allowed. The initial core group of DollFan participated in a forum run by a major doll manufacturer and were not allowed to discuss dolls outside of that creators scope so DollFan was created as an alternative.

The forums at DollFan have always been the mainstay of the site. In response to our users request, forums designed for classified postings as well as a “feedback” system exists in order to help members sell their wares or seek the hard to find. Over time, other features have been added and removed with some changes simply being “tests” to gauge interest. For example, the ability to directly advertise and sell outside of the forums has been continually tinkered with the past few years.

Dollfan is a continuing evolution and hopefully provides a good way for people to communicate their interests. It has over time gone from being a completely free BBS to one of minimal cost to the user….this is done not only to defray costs associated with running a board but is as well designed to limit the ‘casual’ user from disrupting those more intent on staying focused with the topic ;) Any suggestions or ideas for improvement are always welcome and encouraged.

I have attempted to make this site viewable and useable by all internet users so please, if you come across a problem, please let me know. Thanks all for your support and hope you enjoy.