FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away! We have a winner!

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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by NadiaK »

Please add me. Would love to see a full size Aian baby with open eyes.

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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by instcollectorphyllis »

Open eyes, 21 to 23 long, both hands open, legs curled, chubby legs, both lips visiable (do not care for the bottom lip tucked under the upper lip as in some sculpts) pleasant look on face (not frowning)

You little sister is precious and so very pretty.....if you make the sculpt look like her, I would love it!!!

Thanks for the opportunity to give input and to enter for the kit!!! You are very generous.
Snugglebabies Rena
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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by Snugglebabies Rena »

I like newborn sized sleepers best, but when I look at your beautiful little sister....then I would prefer her as a kit. She is just the sweetest little girl.
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susan oopsydaisy
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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by susan oopsydaisy »

LOVE sleepers, curled chubby legs. one hand open one closed, bent arms, full lips. At least 3/4 limbs, but really like the look of a baby in a diaper, ability to make them full limbs. :D
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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by ElizabethBellaMiaBabies »

I would love to see an open eyed baby. Definitely curled up leggies. I think both hands open would be great and a belly plate. Oh and spread out little toes.

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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by peggys »

20 inch, eyes open, one open one closed hands, toes curled a bit, not frowining, Healthy but new newborn, not to skinny but not chubby...thanks for opportunity! Peg
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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by mandyuk »

Im always looking at kits to find my perfect baby. For me it has to be a propper newborn size baby say 20-21 inch, a sleeper and with bent up limbs like when a baby is curled up i just love that. I like quite chunky babies too, i have never been fond of skinny scrawny limbs on doll kits, maybe because my kids were not small when they were
Nanas Joyful Babies
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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by Nanas Joyful Babies »

Thanks so much for such a wonderful, fun and generous give away!

I like big least 22 inches up to about 28 inches. I like their legs to be chubby, slightly bent so they can sit but also cuddle too. I want them open eyed and happy ....that is the most important part...happy. I like open hands with seperated fingers. One hand perhaps with a little bent to the fingers so that they could actually hold something...but not a fist. I like the age aof about 3-6 months, or 9-12 months. I like feet that have lots of little wrinkles and seperated toes that are like splayed out but not connected to one another. But NOT curled up tight under. That reminds me of babies who are seizing or have brain damage. Also would like feet that are a particular size and have it stated on the descriptionn like...wears size 2 shoe or size 1 shoe. I like their vinyl soft and not vinyl that has to be heated to become soft enough to dress! lol And I like mouths that are a little open so that a paci or nipple can be place in there without a magnet. And if there is a tongue one that is accessible to paint....not just stuck way in and you have to putyour own nose nearly inside the mouth to see anything. OH and in a perfect world? The baby would either come rooted beautifully or have eyebrows already drawn on with invisible ink so that it would be easy to do! lol OR have the vinyl such that if you root wrong it will automatically just seal up and take care of the boo boo without my input. Of course that is in the perfect world. Oh yes,....don't forget a baby with a belly plate that actually FITS the body and the doll.

Thanks again for the chance to win him..........
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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by MonikaS »

Hi Nicky,
I like open eyed and hands. All doll sizes.
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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by SeabeesWife10Tanya »

I like babies that are about 18 inches with closed eyes and bent legs :)
Lullabies and Dragonflies Barb
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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by Lullabies and Dragonflies Barb »

I would love a bigger baby, open eyes, no fists....and self healing vinyl,like Joy ordered!!!!!
Thanks for the generous!
Hugs, Barb
beverly ann
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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by beverly ann »

Oh, I'd love one that looks like your little sister. She is just adorable. Thanks so much for having this fun drawing.
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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by NikkiBrittStudios »

Lol self healing vinyl! I wish I could I am good at science but not that good, maybe someday :)
I will be holding the drawing tommorrow at noon and will anounce the winner, so be on the lookout!

Bellas Babies~Melissa
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Re: FREE Nicky Jack Kit Give Away!

Post by Bellas Babies~Melissa »

Aww...what an awesome giveaway! I would love to have a chance at owning your Nicky Jack kit. Please include me in your drawing. Thanks.

As far as my preferences, I like babies in the 18-20 inch range, a nice bright eyed awake baby, with a bit of chubbiness to her, opened hands and individually divided fingers, slightly curled chubby toes, and sweet pouty lips. I guess that's my dream baby! And just a nice happy face! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
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