Christmas Baby Exchange?

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Christmas Baby Exchange?

Post by Ashton_eternallovesnursery »

Would anyone be interested in having a little christmas fun?

I was thinking for us dolly lovers with kids (or neices/nephews, grandkids, or friends) we could do a playborn dolly exchange! Nothing solid yet but I am thinking a surprise bountifulbaby kit (or maybe a play berenguer if you choose). I could get everyones info and randomize who gets who (keep it a secret of course!).

The dolls would need to be received the week before christmas, and I think being the season of giving it would be fun to spread a little love! I know not everyone is an artist so would there be any artists out there who would either donate or discount their painting for this cause? (I know I could squeeze in a few)

Just throwing it out there, anyone else have any ideas? suggestions? comments?
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