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Post by Annette »

Seeing as I am having to downsize and find new homes for my dolls, I figured I’d do a giveaway for one of them. (Winner pays shipping only).

He was gifted to me by another member, so I want to gift him to a new mama.
He was sculpted by Petra Lechner, but we can’t remember his given name.
As those of you who have been in the dolly community for a while know, sadly, Petra passed away a few years ago. We don’t see much of her work for sale on the secondary market.
This little guy is Newborn/0-3mth size, and has 1/4 limbs, soft cloth body.
His hair is blonde, embedded into his head. I think he’s made of pro-sculpt, but don’t quote me. 😉

So, anyone who is willing to pay shipping for this cutie, he will be shipped, insured, after I get back from my trip on July 4th. So you have until then to post your name here. 😉😊
I would like him to go to someone who, should they ever decide they don’t want him anymore, will GIFT him on. I need their promise on that.

To get your name in the game, I want you to write the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you with regards to your dolls, and also, what your favourite doll is. It can be any medium, size, or even a stuffie. Whatever is your favourite. And post a picture, if you can.

So, here he is…a little scrunchie faced baby boy. 😊
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Hugs Annette
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Barbara L.
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Post by Barbara L. »

What a nice thing to do!
I have too many dolls also, so I won't enter, but he is a sweet baby!
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Post by georgeanne »

He is adorable Annette, this is so kind and generous of you. I won't enter because I am also beyond dolly capacity myself.

I will answer your questions however. When my bonus-grandson Brady was little the first time they came over, his Mom said go into that back bedroom and see the cool things Grandma collects. He quickly went to the back of the house, went into the bedroom and screamed and came out faster than the speed of light. Like most of my family he thinks dolls are creepy.

So my favorite doll, that is just too hard. I love them all so much I can't pick a favorite.
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Post by Dion »

:heart: Awwww! What a precious baby, Annette, and it's so sweet of you to send him on to a new Mama. I always loved Petra's work. She was an amazing artist, and she is certainly missed. It's always disappointing if no one joins in the fun. AND, there is no such thing as too many dolls!! Lol! SOOOOOO, I am going to join and I hope that others will, too. This is a great opportunity for everyone.
Thank you, Annette!!

:foryou: Hugs and Blessings, Dion
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