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Jenny 05/03/18 seller positive This sweet lady bought some clothing from me and she was the sweetest! She paid as promised and the communication was wonderful! I would highly recommend doing business with her anytime.
Nichols73 21/11/17 buyer positive Just purchased a 1/4 limbed breedveld baby from Margie. Lil love bug(both the doll and Margie!) Thank you Soo much. Great cuddle factor!
Dion 13/05/16 seller positive I had a lovely dolly transaction with Margie. She adopted a silicone baby from me and everything was delightful. Thank you so much, Margie Dear. You are wonderful and I would work with you any time! Enjoy your sweet baby!

Love and Hugs, Dion
Dion 14/04/16 buyer positive I bought a sweet resin dream baby from Margie and everything was perfect. My baby arrived very quickly and I am so in love with her. Thank you Margie Dear for a great dolly transaction. You are always wonderful to work with.

Hugs and Blessings, Dion
nanaglenna 08/12/15 seller positive Margie purchased a silicone baby from me and paid immediately and let me know the minute she arrived. Thank you so much Margie, it has been a pleasure working with you!
SharonL 16/10/15 buyer positive Thank you, Margie, for giving little Masterpiece Maxima a good home. I know she'll be loved at your house.

Dion 22/05/15 seller positive I had a lovely dolly transaction with Margie. Communication was great, payment was at the speed of light, and she let me know that she is enjoying her new baby. Thank you so much, Margie Dear. It was so nice to make a new dolly friend! Love and Blessings, Dion
Tracy Lorraine 27/03/15 seller positive Margie purchased a silicone baby from me & it was a wonderful experience. Thank you, Margie....enjoy your new baby!
suebabygirl 06/03/15 buyer positive Margie is a dear friend and a wonderful lady to sell babies and carriages to. She is always so sweet and appreciative and I am glad to have her as a friend.
Tracy Lorraine 02/02/15 seller positive Margie bought a precious silicone baby from me with a short layaway. She paid every installment early & communicated quickly during the process. She also let me know as soon as her "package" made it home. Thank you, Margie, for a perfect transaction!
Ellen 02/06/14 seller positive I sold a few outfits to Margie and she was great, paid quickly and left feedback promptly. Thank you Margie!
jubileejulie 02/06/14 buyer positive I bought a kit from Margie, she shipped very quickly, thank you Margie!
Shelby Lynn 26/05/14 seller positive I purchased a kit from Margie and he arrived super quick and in perfect condition. I can't wait to bring the little guy to life! Thanks so much!
Nanas Joyful Babies 20/05/14 seller positive I purchased a kit from Margie and it arrived swiftly and she is a dream to deal with. Recommend highly.
Thanks for a great deal!
Jenny 18/05/14 buyer positive I purchased one of my all time favorite kits from Margie... She shipped immediately and the kit was as described.....Highly recommended......
ariliv2_Amy 19/10/13 seller positive Margie is a wonderful buyer to work with and so friendly. She paid immediately and is great with communication. I would be happy to sell to her again.
kd 04/05/13 buyer positive Margie was the buyer, and she paid very quickly. This was an easy, pleasant, and positive transaction. Thanks.
Barbara L. 14/03/13 seller positive Margie bought reborn Tia Jane from me and is a wonderful person to do business with. She is sweet and friendly and great at communicating with me. Thanks Margie!
NadiaK 05/02/13 seller positive Margie bought a reborn from me. Qiuick payment and very nice person to deal with.
Barbara L. 12/10/12 seller positive Margie bought a reborn from me and really gave me a good experience. She is very sweet and we had great communication.
Enjoy your new baby, Margie!
deborahsdarlings 11/09/12 seller positive Margie bought a kit from me and paid immediately. Great doing business with her.
dana 29/07/12 buyer positive I sold a couple of kits to Margie and she was such a pleasure to talk with.
She paid right away and informed me when the kits came in. 5 star dolly hugs go out to Margie <!-- s:) --><img src="/{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
Judith19 15/05/12 seller positive Sorry for late feedback, but I did want to thank Margie for adopting Baby Libby~~It was a pleasure working with her and so nice when everyone is happy~~~~
vegav80 03/03/12 seller positive Thank you for your purchase - and your super speedy payment! Margie notified me once the box had arrived which was so nice to know that the baby made it home safe and sound. I hope you enjoy the preemie baby! Would be happy to buy or sell with you anytime!
susan oopsydaisy 13/02/12 seller positive Margie bought a semi-finished reborn kit from me and had great communication and speedy payment. Thanks so much for a pleasant transaction!
JoanE 06/09/11 buyer positive Margie bought a kit from me, paid immediately and was very pleasant to work with. She let me know when kit arrived which I feel is very important if your on this end hoping everything arrives fine. Thanks Margie <!-- s:) --><img src="/{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
Barbara in Nevada 19/05/11 buyer positive Thanks Margie for a splendid transaction. My silicone kit arrived promptly, and in excellent condition. She even refunded a couple of dollars because she found she could mail it cheaper than what she had quoted.
SherylA 04/04/11 seller positive Margie bought my Josie ooak and was absolutely fabulous to deal with. She also let me now the minute the doll arrived! Thank you Margie! Enjoy your new baby! Hugs, Cheryl <!-- s:) --><img src="/{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
kazachan_Karen 04/01/11 seller positive Margie sold me the Ryan kit. She was fantastic to deal with. She has a lot of integrity. Margie was great at communication and posted the kit very quickly. I would highly recommend anyone who wanted to deal with her. Thank you.
Elisabettas Babies 31/12/10 buyer positive Margie bought a doll from me. She was very fast in completing the layaway and joy to deal with. I'd recommend Margie anytime!
Enjoy Sweetheart Rose my dear!!!
Court_LLRN 18/12/10 buyer positive I adopted a GORGEOUS little silicone girl from Margie. She allowed me to do a layaway so that I could bring my princess home. <3
rorlen~lorraine 15/03/10 trade positive Margie and I traded dolls and it was without a doubt one of the most pleasant experiences ever!!!! Margie is such a kind, and generous person. She had a doll that I have wanted for so long and she was considerate enough to let me adopt her! Thank you Margie from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtfulness! Hugs-
Jenny 22/12/09 seller positive Margie purchased several doll heads from me. She paid immediately and was wonderful to work with. Highly recommended to buy, sell or trade with..
kimskids 24/04/09 trade positive I did a trade with Margie and it went great! She was great to work with!