For Sellers

The easiest way to initiate the creation of an Advert is to simply click on the top menu item, +POST ADVERT.  This will open up a page with several options, some mandatory indicated with a *.


  • Title:  The main title of the item that you are selling.  Descriptive but short.
  • Category:  Choose the category where your item will be displayed.  Please make sure to choose the appropriate category for best results.  Items placed in the wrong category can be moved or deleted.
  • Type:  There are 4 main types of sales to currently choose from.
    1. For Sale: Will fit many if not most adverts.  Choose this if your item is for sale.
    2. Exchange:  If you are wanting to exchange/trade an item.  In the description of your advert you can specify an item you'd like to exchange for or leave it open ended letting your potential customers know you're willing to hear anything they would like to offer.
    3. Free: If you're giving it away post it here.  You can add a shipping option if you'd like so the buyer pays shipping.
    4. On eBay: This is designed for those who already have an auction or item for sale on eBay and would like a little extra push in that direction.  It's not recommended to have the "buy now" option selected for this type of advert.  You can fill out a full description of the item and/or simply supply a link to the auction itself.
  • Expire after (days): You can set the advert to expire automatically after so many days from the preselected settings.  If nothing is selected the default is 21 days.  Note that you can end an advert before the expiration time if needed and you can also resubmit the same advert after it's expiration for they save themselves.
  • Intro Description: What you enter here does not show on the single view of your advert but on the category view of adverts on the site or in other areas where multiple adverts are displayed.  Maximum of 120 characters in this field and it's purpose is to give the potential buyer a condensed version of your item.
  • Description: Not a mandatory field but this is where you should be as descriptive as possible to what you are selling.  There is a built in editor where you can alter text sizes, fonts, colors, etc. or even build ordered lists similar to what is on this page.   If you'd like to insert a helpful image or two into your description you can do so but be wary of images that will break the format of your advert...typically happens with large images.
  • Website: If you have a website which can assist the buyer with more information or for example, you are a dealer and simply just want to point the buyer to your site enter it here.
  • Video: For entering any video links you think may assist in your sale.
  • Buy Now: This is really just a yes or no option and is designed mainly for those that would like to sell directly through their advert on DollFan.  Please read the FAQ at (yet to be written) for some clarification.  You can sell directly via DF by editing your advert profile to include your PayPal accounts email address and when a buyer chooses the "buy now" option is directed to PayPal to pay you directly.  Please note that when a user chooses the "buy now" option in this scenario the item will still display but show as no longer available.  If the buyer fails to make the purchase you can renew the advert.
  • Price: This is what you are selling the item for.  If you choose to set "price is negotiable" to yes that of course means you are willing to hear from prospective buyers and entertain other offers.  If "price is negotiable" is set to yes and you also have the "Buy Now" option selected the set price is what the buyer is agreeing to.
  • Images: Images for adverts are uploaded directly to the advert and it does not accept links.  It is a best practice to crop your image into almost squares or 4X3 format.  If your images are cropped too narrow horizontally or vertically the initial view of the image will probably cut off what you want to show.
  • Shipping Methods: The shipping method for adverts is a fairly rudimentary system where based on your location you can add the cost to ship to/within the US and to/within Europe.  The potential buyer will see the option and should choose the option for where they live.  More defined areas can be added and any suggestions are welcome.

At this point, after accepting the Terms and Conditions you can preview your advert or save it.  If you choose to save it at this point you are publishing the advert for all to see.  From the preview view of your advert if you are happy with it you can then save and publish it.  You also have the option to edit it at this point before publishing it.  Adverts can be edited once published and it will show to buyers the edit date.  Please see further FAQ's in this section for sellers for more info.

Registered users of DollFan have the ability to create classified ads(adverts) to assist in selling doll related items. This is not the same as posting an item for sale in the classified section of the forums. Using this system gives the seller more visibility to their item whether it is the only ad for the item, it's also on a platform like eBay aleady, or posted in the DollFan forums.  Not only are the ads displayed in different locations on DollFan but they are as well indexed by search engines leading to possibly more potential buyers.  Creators of adverts are more than welcome to also create a post in the appropriate classified section of the forums as well to help with increased visibility.  Sellers have the ability to add a "Buy Now" option to their product but it is not required.