Registration and Log in Issues

There are many, many reasons that a user cannot log in but from experience, 99+% of the cause is normally a forgetten username or password..please verify that you are using your correct username and password....and then verify again, please :)

That said, there can arise certain issues which can and do effect your computers ability to allow a successful login. Please read the following in an attempt to resolve your issue.

  • cookies and cache:  DollFan uses cookies as a way to 'remember' who you are. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer and when you visit DollFan, this site requests that cookie as one way in verifying who you are. If for whatever reason the cookie becomes corrupted, you may need to remove it. Your browser also more than likely uses a system known as caching which is designed to make pages load quicker by keeping saved copies of pages on a site from previous visits....this typically works fine except in the cases where users do not clear their cache on a regular basis or the site changes dramatically enough that previously saved/cached pages interfere with the actual pages. Different browsers(i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.) have different ways of cleaning up your cookies and cache and below is a short list of how to do so.
    • Internet Explorer(ver. 7+) and AOL users: click on tools->and within "browsing history" click on delete->delete all is fine.
    • Firefox: click on tools->clear private data->make sure "cookies" and "cache" are checked(others are fine, too)->click on clear private data now.
    • Opera: click on tools->delete private data->click on "details" to make sure "delete all cookies" and "delete entire cache" are checked->click on delete.
    • WebTV: WebTV does not operate like a pc does and does not use a disk cache system.

Note: These instructions are based on the latest versions of each browser which all should be using. Outdated browsers are outdated for a reason..normally for feature improvements and security issues :)

  • Do you have a Firewall/Proxy setting issue? Something else that is fairly common which keeps users from logging in is the use of software designed to act as a firewall. A firewall can be thought of as something which keeps away outside influences on your pc but if firewall settings are incorrect or too high, it can keep necessary information from working correctly. For example, the DollFan forums use cookies which are kept on your pc to be able to determine you are actually you. If your firewall is set too high, it will block cookies from DollFan and can have the effect of not letting you log in..normally, this has the effect of letting a user log in but constantly asking for re-login but can result in a complete login failure. Common firewalls to look for on your PC are ZoneAlarm, Norton Firewall, and Black Ice Defender, among others....each with their own user settings. To determine if a firewall is an issue with your login capabilities, shut the firewall down while attempting to log in to DollFan.
  • Is your account active? Again, make sure your username and password are correct. As well, DollFan is a subscription based site which requires an active subscription to remain registered. If a subscription is cancelled, we do make every effort to contact the registered user before the account is deleted but due to inactivity of a user or incorrect or outdated email contacts in profiles, it is possible that you have been removed from DollFan without receiving any notice. As well, if you recently registered but chose a payment method such an echeck via PayPal it does take 3-5 business days for those to clear...once cleared you will have access to DollFan.
  • Did you forget your username and or password? Please read the FAQ for lost passwords. You can enter your username or your email address that you have in your profile and an email will be sent to the email address you have in your profile which will allow you to set a new password.

If all else fails you may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the username and password used but it is expected that you take responsibility for attempting the above checks and procedures first and include that the above has been tried. It is a waste of DollFans and your time to simply send emails stating you cannot log in without any clarifying information....any such emails will result in the sender being referred to this FAQ.

Don't panic! While your password cannot be retrieved it can be reset. The direct method of resetting your password is by going to where you will be presented with a "Lost Password?" option where you can either enter your email address or username in the text box which will send you an email address with instuctions on how to change your password. Basically, just enter the new password in twice and click on the [b]"change"[/b] button which will alter your password to the new one desired. As well, if you have forgotten your username you can just enter in your email address and the email sent from DollFan will also include your username.

Please note that it will send the email to the email address you have on file in your DollFan profile.....if you no longer have access to the email address in your profile you will need to contact DF support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and be forwarned that you will normally have to provide the PayPal subscription or transaction id# associated with your payment to DF for secruity reasons. We want to try and make sure you are you :) As well, please make sure all emails from are whitelisted for your email accounts to ensure they are not blocked as spam..this is a very common cause of miscommunication where users state that nothing was sent where the email was but blocked by the users email program.