pretty major recent update

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pretty major recent update

Post by Steve »

Lots of changes but the forums should still work as always... let me know if not. I'm actively working on stuff as we go so the site might get funky for a moment or two while it's being updated. Don't be shy in pointing out stuff that isn't working as it should be or if there is anything that needs to be addressed.

The biggest change is that the previous iteration was incorporated with a CMS called Joomla and I got a bit tired of it due to limitations. I actually planned to incorporate it with another CMS, WordPress, a long time ago, (mainly due to the ability to allow direct sales if someone wants to sell an item and get paid directly to their PayPal account as if you had your own shop/store), but life got it the way. The forum used, phpBB3, is still the best forum out there by far and is anything but "old technology", but it takes a lot to incorporate it with WordPress, and between a divorce and moving was very slow going. Brought back some old stuff like the gallery that used to exist on DollFan that couldn't be done when it mixed with Joomla.

Anyway, read the knowledge base, (linked in the footer), concerning selling if you want to become a "vendor" and place a doll or whatnot for sale. Though the site is no where near as active as it once was, I can attest it hasn't been forgotten by me. Perhaps it can come back to being an active resource for doll enthusiasts one day, but the main goal is that it works for you.

If you cannot login, btw, go to and choose the "forgot password" option. You can set it to the same password or a different one once you receive the email to reset it. MSN and email addresses are currently being blocked from receiving emails from this server, (not a fault of DollFan and is currently being worked on), so if I notice you aren't receiving that email, I will email you from a different address with your log in info.
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Re: pretty major recent update

Post by JackieKay »

Hi Steve - just thought I would let you know that things don't seem to be working for me like they used to - not sure about everyone else. But when I first come to Doll Fan it looks like I'm signed in but the page doesn't look the same as when I am really signed in. So, I have to sign out and sign in again before things work like they used to. Also, when I sign in there is no option to stay signed in like I used to be able to do. Hardly anyone is posting seems like so I wonder if others are having troubles as well - or maybe things are just slow right now. I did change my password once but I'm not sure it worked the way it was supposed to because I never got an email about changing it - although the new password seems to work just fine. My email is so maybe that's why. Anyway, just thought I would let you know. I can still sign in eventually but it just looks funny. At first I thought maybe my subscription had ended but I think I'm good till June. Jackie Dykstra
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